Ms. Adja Mansora Dahourou, Senior Private Sector Specialist, World Bank along with Mr. Tahir Akbar, Senior Urban Development Specialist, World Bank and Mr. Rafay Khan, Economist, World Bank visited the Cluster Development Initiative (CDI) on October 21, 2021. Ms. Tayyaba Kamal, Project Director, CDI along with Cluster Managers, CDI welcomed the delegation and briefed them about the approach and methodology of the programme.

A detailed presentation was given to the delegation to apprise regarding the conception, objectives and cluster projects of CDI. It was informed by the Project Director that CDI is executed by Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) under the broader programme of World Bank’s J&C P for R to support initiatives that help SMEs become more competitive and productive.

The World Bank team also visited the design centers for the footwear and readymade garments clusters i.e. “Pakistan Shoe Design Hub (PSDH)” and “Apparel Design & Research Center (ADRC)” respectively. These centers have been established under the CDI project in collaboration with PFMA and PRGMEA for providing indigenous and affordable design & market services.

The mission lauded the Cluster Development Initiative (CDI) for strengthening the export oriented industrial sectors of Punjab. They also thanked the CDI team for a constructive and insightful discussion.